Saturday • April 01, 2023 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Dr. Reg Morias - Healing Prayer for Autism

Dr. Reg Morias prays with Autistic Children and their Families.

St. John the Divine 2450 River Oaks Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77019 Chapel
Dr. Reg Morias

Dr. Reg Morais of Anoint the World Ministries in Perth, Australia is returning to Houston. Founder of Living Faith Community Church (LLFC), Reg is a pastor, seer and prophet who teaches and demonstrates the gifts of the Holy Spirit including deliverance and healing. He is founder of Anoint the World Ministries and has planted over 400 churches globally. Dr. Morais has a PhD in Theology and has written over 15 books. He has an amazing testimony of being healed by God of Autism and Aspergers as a child.

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