Thursday • March 09, 2023 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Help! There's a Teenager in the House! Speaker Series

Join us on March 9 at 6:30 pm for 'Secrets to Academic Success', the second in a monthly series of seminars exploring helpful topics for parenting adolescents in 'the New Normal', presented by Teen & Family Service.

Room 236

Our second speaker is Dr. Evan Weinberger. Evan will be talking about secrets to academic success.

After nearly two decades of struggling with his own learning differences in school, my main goal was to help students perform to their potential by equipping them with the systems, habits, tools, and skills they need to manage stress and achieve greater success. He developed a proprietary, research-driven executive coaching and executive functioning program. EF skills are those foundational skills that help students learn actually how to learn. He founded Staying Ahead of the Game, a company dedicated to helping capable students, including those struggling with learning differences, to achieve greater success by improving their executive functioning skills such as organization, task prioritization, study skills, and impression management.

Save the dates for these upcoming seminars:

April 13: George Youngblood, LCDC, CCS on Teens & High-Risk Behavior

May 11: Sasha Coles, LMFT on Teens & Media

June: TBA

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