Family Lent Boxes

Treasures of the Heart

Family Lent Boxes

Start your Lenten adventure and register for a Family Lent Box. This home kit will support you and your family in observing the holy season whenever and however it works best for you and your schedules. Our boxes contain the ingredients for a fun Shrove Tuesday pancake meal, a special edition Lent Zine*, Treasure of the Heart, for each child over 3 (better than a magazine), a guide for grownups, and more. Jump into the 40-day adventure that covers Jesus in the Desert, The Baptism of Jesus, The Sermon on the Mount, The Wedding Miracle, Nicodemus, and Palm Sunday to discover why Jesus was the kind of hero no one expected…and the kind of hero, Savior, the whole world needs.

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*Our beautifully illustrated and interactive Zines provide space for reflection, creativity, and doodling. Zines are a place for a child to express their questions and discoveries as they explore the ancient stories of the Bible and faith in God.

Pick up your Family Lent Box on City Sunday, February 19, across from the Parlor at our table under the stairway. You may also pick up your boxes during regular business hours, February 20-24. Registration is required and supplies are limited. Recommended ages 4 years - 5th grade.

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