Study Tour - Journeys of Paul in Greece

June 10 — 17, 2023

Join friends of The Church of St. John the Divine featuring the Rev. Dr. Peter Walker with hosts the Rev. Reagan & Stephanie Cocke for a 7-day Journeys of Paul in Greece tour starting on June 10, 2023, following the footsteps of St. Paul by visiting and studying many of the locations mentioned in his letters. You will see Amphipolis, Philippi, Roman-era crypt, famous acropolis, marketplace, the Basilica of Paul, Neapolis (Kavala), the Roman aqueduct, St. George's Basilica, archaeological museum, St. Sophia, St. Demetrios, Galerius Arch, the rock forest of Meteora, Byzantine monasteries, Delphi, Anthenian treasury, theatre, the Temple of Apollo, Corinth, archaeological museum, marketplace, and temples and much more! Starting at $1998.00, ground only.

Stephanie Cocke

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