The Life of Christ in Art

Sundays — 10:15 am in Room 203 no class Jan 29

Sundays at 10:15 am in Room 203
No class scheduled on January 29 and February 19
Leader: Melissa Grobmyer

Throughout the centuries, artists illustrated Jesus’ life, focusing on key events in the Bible. At a time when few people were literate, the importance and power of these images are difficult to overstate.

Even more fascinating is that many of these works of art also illuminate cultural beliefs and concerns throughout the history of Christianity and the church. Artists not only studied the Bible looking for clues to bring Jesus to life, but they also studied apocryphal texts and legends, some of which have made it into today's popular conceptions of Jesus.

Join Melissa Grobmyer in this 10-week course that will focus on the key events of Jesus’ life, from Advent to Pentecost and the early Church. We are also pleased to welcome James Anno, Associate Curator of European Art at The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, as a guest lecturer.

  1. January 8: Advent: Preparation for the Coming of Christ
  2. January 15: The Nativity
  3. January 22: The Epiphany
  4. January 29: Legends of Jesus’ Childhood
  5. February 5: Jesus’ Earthly Miracles and Ministry, Part I
  6. February 12: Jesus’ Earthly Miracles and Ministry, Part II
  7. February 19: The Passion (Anno)
  8. February 26: The Resurrection and Assumption (Anno)
  9. March 5: The Pentecost
  10. March 12: Life of the Early Church

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