High School Small Groups

Sundays — 10:15 am

Join a small group! Small groups are a wonderful place for students to grow in their faith. Each small group has two adults dedicated to the faith journey of their students. They meet once a week at various host homes for a time of fellowship and Scripture reading.

Our 9th grade girls small group, Free to be a Joyful Young Woman, led by parishioners JC Al-Uqdah and Amy Lee meets Sundays at 10:15 am, during the Sunday school hour. To join this group, email JC Al-Uqdah.

Our high school girls small group, led by parishioners Meredith Waltman, Meagan Holliday, and Hannah Choate meets Sundays at 10:15 pm in the Chapel Family Room. This year they will go through the Gospel of John together. Email Hannah Choate to sign up.

Our high school boys small group, led by parishioners Henry Caldwell and Benjamin Choate, meets Sundays at 10:15 am in the Chapel Bride's Room. They will study the Book of James. Email Hannah Choate to sign up.

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