An Invitation to Generosity

Growing in His Likeness

Stewardship 2024

Growing in His Likeness stewardship 2024

An Invitation to Generosity

"As a disciple, I seek to follow Christ’s example of giving voice and hope to the most vulnerable among us. Rather than viewing our resources with a mindset of scarcity, we are all invited to share in the abundance of whatever God has entrusted to us, whether that’s a few minutes to build a new relationship or a few dollars to care for our neighbors."

— Rebecca Pinckney

Baptism for stewardship

It's an Invitation

As children of God, created in his image, we are born to be loving and generous. Our generosity journeys begin with an understanding of God's blessings in our lives. You can be generous with your words, attention, money, influence, possessions, and time. Examining where you are on your path of generosity is an invitation to a deeper relationship with God.


It's About Discipleship

Our stewardship campaign is not just a way of raising a ministry budget. It is God's way of raising disciples and an inseparable part of growing in the likeness of Christ. God does not need our money; instead, our giving is an outward act of gratitude and trust. As our outward act of discipleship, 10% of every dollar you give to St. John the Divine supports local and global missions that feed the hungry, serve the needy, and support families in our city and world.


A Message from the Rector

I want us to be a church on the move, striking our tents to venture more trustingly and daringly where God is leading us. I also want to ask you to consider how your financial pledge (estimate of giving) might be the fruit of your own discipleship journey deeper into faith. Wherever you are in relation to your pledge to St. John the Divine, might you hear the invitation of the Lord to take your next step in generosity?

— The Rev. Dr. R. Leigh Spruill, Rector

Take Your Next Step

It is God's intention that we grow more generous and take bigger steps in our giving as we become more aware of how richly God has blessed us in Christ. Each step you take on the giving path is a spiritual response to God's goodness and blessings in our lives.

  • First-Time Giver
    Begin to give
  • Intentional Giver
    Plan what percentage of income to give for a year
  • Growing Giver
    Increase your percentage of income moving toward a tithe
  • Tither
    Begin to give a tithe (10%)
  • Extravagant Giver
    Give beyond the tithe
I think if you are feeling called to begin giving to St. John the Divine, it would stengthen not only our church, but strengthen you and your personal journey with God

Dawayne Gaspard, parishioner and SJD staff member

Take your next step

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