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The Rev. Greg Buffone


from The Rev. Greg Buffone

About the Community Engagement Project

by The Rev. Greg Buffone on

Brief explanation of the church's Biblical calling, and why it is important that CEP is necessarily a corporate effort.

St. John the Divine's Evolving Vision for Community Engagement

by The Rev. Greg Buffone on

Joint report to parish named at-risk youth as a segment of community with demonstrated, unserved needs that match well with the talents and strengths of our congregation.

Why a Community Engagement Project?

by The Rev. Greg Buffone on

CEP is a journey of discernment leading to the development of relationships and actions that have the potential to change our shared community in ways that glorify God and bless our neighbors.

GOing Into the World

by The Rev. Greg Buffone on

Renewed interest and passion on the part of St. John the Divine to live into the vision of a Community Engagement Project (CEP) in Houston.

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