Pilgrimage to Jordan and the Holy Land

December 26, 2024 — January 7, 2025

Due to the conflict in the Middle East, this pilgrimage has been postponed until next year. The tentative rescheduled dates are December 26, 2024 — January 7, 2025

Join Oxford and Cambridge-trained New Testament scholar the Rev. Dr. Peter Walker and hosts the Rev. Reagan & Stephanie Cocke for a nine-day Journey to the Holy Land. With our special teacher, the Rev. Dr. Peter Walker, you will not just be visiting biblical sights, but your faith will come alive and deepen as you see the places where Jesus was born, raised, ministered, preached, taught, died, and rose from the dead. We will explore Galilee in the north and Jerusalem and its surrounding in the south of Israel, reading from the Scriptures and celebrating Eucharist. The Rev. Reagan Cocke and Stephanie studied at the University of Oxford with the Rev. Dr. Peter Walker, and look forward to his insights during this journey.

For those who wish, there will be a pre-trip to Jordan to see Amman, Petra, and Mount Nebo where Moses stood looking into the Promised Land in which he would never set foot.

Stephanie Cocke

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