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by Susan Treat

In God’s Grip
by the Rev. Russell J. Levenson, Jr

In 1953, as legendary golfer Ben Hogan accepted the U.S. Open Championship Trophy for the fourth time, he pointed to several specific elements that he felt made his accomplishments possible. He referenced “adequate preparation and knowledge of the course.” He thanked his wife, Valerie, who, in his words, “has helped me more than she knows.” Tucked within his gratitude were words that might have surprised some: “But there’s something else I’m thankful for-you just can’t do this sort of thing without God’s help.”

This is a book about God’s help.

With permission of the heirs of Ben Hogan, author, pastor, and priest, Russell Levenson, Jr. employs Hogan’s timeless classic “Five Lessons,” as a metaphor for growing and living the Christian faith. This is a book for those who love the game of Golf and those who want to know more about living an active and vibrant faith. Golfers and disciples alike will love this journey with Ben Hogan and Levenson, as the words blended together within the fabric of a deeper understanding of how one comes to faith, grows in their faith, and shares their faith with others.

Mary’s Voice: Advent Reflections to Contemplate the Coming of Christ
by Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing

Other than baby Jesus, the central character of the Christmas story is a woman named Mary. At Christmas time we remember that an ordinary, young, poor, oppressed woman was chosen to play a significant and breakthrough role in the redemption of the world. It is no mistake that a woman gets to be a part of all this and that her voice, her questions, her fears, and her actions matter. Mary’s faith and her wisdom form an astonishing aspect of the story of how God became a person for the love of this world. And in our weary world that is waiting and longing for light, meaning, peace, and love, we can do as Mary did when she “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."

Be Joyful
by Joyce Meyer

In this 50-day guide, Joyce Meyer draws upon the teachings of the apostle Paul to help you experience joy-filled living each day of your life. Joy is not just a “happy feeling” based on circumstances or on things you possess—it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that empowers you to remain stable and persevere through hard times so you rise above them, rather than becoming defeated by them. One of the hallmarks of Paul’s epistles is the joy with which he writes and which he invites his readers to experience. He chose joy in all circumstances, even during times of struggle.

In this unique book, Joyce Meyer presents Paul’s teachings on joy in concise lessons that equip you to triumph over the greatest challenges to a joy-filled life. Through these 50 daily entries, you’ll be encouraged to embrace the truths God has given you, truths that will allow you to overcome the emotions, attitudes, and experiences that rob you of joy. Be Joyful in the journey and begin to experience the wonderful, abundant life that the Lord has in store for you!

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