Neal Awesome Wide
Fun music, children's sermon, friendly service

Worship for Young Families

9:15 am in the Hall Life Center

Awesome song with Sarah

Awesome Worship

Who says worship has to be quiet? Awesome Worship is a special service designed for children through 3rd grade and their families.

All the elements of the Awesome Worship service - the scripture reading, the sermon, the creed, the prayers, and the communion service - are tailored for younger children and fulfilling for their families. The music, led by the SJD Worship Band, is upbeat and fun with hand motions demonstrated by young people from the stage.

Louise Blessing

A Firm Foundation from Awesome Worship

Herschel and Lauren Hamner came to St. John the Divine as a young family with small children. They found the Awesome Worship service to be just what they, as young parents, needed – a place where their kids were free to be themselves and where they could worship as a family with no one judging them. Herschel shares how SJD has given his children a firm foundation for a life of faith and community.

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