Your Sunday at St. John the Divine

What to Expect

Warm welcome, meaningful worship, genuine connection

Where do I go?

St. John the Divine is on the corner of Westheimer and River Oaks Blvd, across from Lamar High School. There is parking in the circle drive off River Oaks Blvd and in the lot on the Westheimer side of our campus. You may also park across the street in the large lot at Lamar High School. We have crossing guards to help you safely cross the street.

Campus Map

Traditional Services

The 9:00 and 11:15 am traditional services are held in the church on the southeast corner of the campus. There are church entrances on the north and east sides of the building. The east entrance is covered, and you can drop off passengers or valet park.

The 8:00 am and 5:00 pm traditional services are held in the chapel on the northwest corner of the campus.

In the Church  In the Chapel

Young Family and Modern Worship Services

The Awesome Worship service for young families and modern worship at The Table are held in the Hall Life Center on the west side of the campus. We recommend you park on the Westheimer side for easy access to the Hall Life Center.


What about my little kids?

We welcome children of all ages in all our services! In the church services, you can pick up a red children's activity bag from an usher when you arrive. Families also have the option to use our Family Room with comfortable furniture, toys, and a screen to view the service during our 9 & 11:15 am traditional services.

Nursery care is available for infants and preschoolers from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm on the first floor of the administration building.

Nursery Care

What's Next?

At every service, you will be greeted by one of our friendly ambassadors. At the traditional services, your greeter will give you a printed 'Order of Service' that contains everything you need to follow along with and participate in the service. In the young family and modern worship services, you can follow along with the screens in the front of the room. Feel free to take a seat wherever you are comfortable!


What is "Passing the Peace"?

Passing the peace

After the prayers, the priest will raise their arms and everyone will stand. The priest will then say, "The peace of the Lord be always with you" and the people respond, "And also with you." At this point, the people 'pass the peace' by greeting each other. You will see greetings from a simple "Peace be with you", to handshakes, and even hugs between friends. We encourage you to greet the people around you in any way you feel comfortable.

How can I make a gift?

After the announcements, the ushers will pass offering plates through the pews. If you are moved to make a gift, you may place cash or check in the plate. If you prefer to give online with a credit or debit card, you can scan the QR code printed on our service materials.

What about communion?

Taking communion

Baptized Christians of all ages are welcome to receive communion in the Episcopal Church. If you have not been baptized, you may come forward, cross your arms across your chest, and receive a blessing from the clergy.

After the bread and wine are blessed, the clergy and lay servers come forward to distribute communion to the people. The ushers will let you know when it is your turn. In the church, you may kneel on the cushions or stand at the altar rail and wait to be served. In the Hall Life Center, you will wait in line to approach the servers.

The communion bread is a small wafer (a gluten-free option is available). Place one open palm over the other and hold out your hands. The server will place a wafer in your palm. In the church, another server will come by with the cup of wine (chalice). You have the choice of eating the wafer immediately and taking a sip from the cup of wine, or holding the wafer to dip in a smaller wine cup. Once you have been served, you may return to your place.

Do you have a coffee hour?

We invite you to come to Sumners Hall in the administration building before or after the service for coffee and conversation. We'd love to get to know you better!

I have another question ...

Ask us anything! We're happy to answer your questions about St. John the Divine, our programs, the Episcopal Church — whatever's on your mind!

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