Reagan Cocke's Lunchtime Bible Study

Tuesdays — 11 am

Summer 2024 Study - The Book of Daniel the Prophet
Tuesdays, July 9 - Sept 24
11 am - 12 pm in Room 201

Join us on Tuesdays during lunchtime for this in-depth study of the Book of Daniel the Prophet.

The central theme of The Book of Daniel is God’s sovereignty of history and empires despite Jerusalem falling to the Babylonians. All kingdoms will ultimately come to an end and be replaced by the kingdom of God, which is why this book is so important to understanding Jesus and why he found himself in it.

In 587 BC the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and transported its important citizens to Babylon as captives. The first half of Daniel tells a series of stories about the Judahite captives living there centered around Daniel and his friends. In the second half, God gives Daniel a series of revelations about how political events are to unfold over the successive regimes of the Persians, Alexander the Great, and the Seleucids.

The Rev. Reagan Cocke plans on following up this study with Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, in the fall and winter.

The Rev. Reagan Cocke

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