Cornerstone Fellowship

September — April

Cornerstone Fellowship

Cornerstone Fellowship is an eight-month program in discipleship, leadership, the integration of faith and work, and community engagement. The goal is to form Christians who meaningfully integrate their faith into all aspects of their life – responding to the call to serve God and to serve others in impactful ways.

  1. A greater sense of self-awareness & personal vision in the context of God’s vision/calling
  2. A breadth of Christian leadership capabilities
  3. An understanding of work as a place of worship, formation, and mission
  4. A broadened theology around the gospel, the church, and her mission
  5. Awareness of and connections to key cultural and civic issues in Houston
  6. Disciplines & relationships to continue their spiritual growth beyond the Fellowship
  • Meets 6:30 - 8:30 pm Wednesday evenings from mid-September — mid-April and two Saturday 'Retreats' in September & January
  • Expect approximately 1 hour of homework per week
  • Fellows will benefit from in-person interaction and are expected to attend a high percentage of sessions in person. Missed classes can be made up by watching session recordings.
  • The next available program will begin September 21, 2024. If you are interested, please contact Andy Breckwoldt

2023-24 Cornerstone Fellows

  • Jillian Best - Social Worker
  • Henry Castner - Private Equity
  • Jenny Childers - Project Manager
  • Kelly Hall - Registered Dietitian
  • David Humphreys - Private Investor
  • Austin Jorn - Program Coordinator
  • Lizzie Jorn - Proposal Writer
  • Will Klinke - Investment Management
  • Amy Liles - Community Volunteer
  • Celeste Martinez - Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Jake McClellan - Attorney
  • Ryan Miller - Commodities Trader
  • Ellen Page - Executive Assistant
  • Sean Linckney - Corporate Attorney
  • Brian Rose - Business Owner
  • Stuart Wallace - Commercial Insurance Risk Management
  • George Webb - Patent Attorney
  • Travis Wofford - Attorney


  • What is a Disciple?
  • Leading Others Begins with Ourselves
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Bible as Universal Story
  • Spiritual Change
  • Discipleship and Mission
  • Lessons from the Road: Discipleship Testimonials


Leading Yourself

  • Identity & God's Vision
  • Calling & Vocation

Leading Others

  • Servant Leadership
  • Mission/Vision
  • Engaging Others — Trust
  • Boundaries
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Leading Change
  • Raising Up Others
  • Courage to Step Out: Leadership Actions
  • Lessons from the Road: Leadership Testimonials

Faith & Work

  • Why Work Matters
  • Origins and Hope of Calling
  • Work and the World
  • Discernment and Fulfillment of Calling

Serve the City

  • Church as Catalyst
  • Community Development
  • Giving and Investing
  • Living it Out: Cultural Renewal Projects

Andy Breckwoldt

Andy Breckwoldt

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