Raising up servant leaders to bless the world


One of the key pieces of our church’s identity is being a place where faith is nourished and servant leaders are grown and sent out. This summer we look forward to welcoming three new seminarians for the second year of our Summer Seminarian Program. At the same time, we will say goodbye to Minister for Young Adult Engagement Tori Gilliland who leaves in July to complete her Diploma of Anglican Studies after discerning her call to the Episcopal priesthood during her time on staff. Also, the first cohort in SJD’s Cornerstone Fellowship program, an eight-month program in discipleship, leadership, and the integration of faith, work, and community engagement, changed lives in its inaugural year.

Read about how all these programs are a launchpad for a life of faith in our church, city, and world in these special “Launchpad” stories.

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