Introducing the Cornerstone Fellows

by Andrea Meier

One of our values as a church is to “encourage entrepreneurial engagement, creatively thinking about ways to embody the Gospel in our neighborhoods and workplaces.” A new program at SJD, the Cornerstone Fellowship, is focusing on just that.

Cornerstone Fellowship is an eight-month program with the goal of forming Christians who meaningfully integrate their faith into all aspects of their life – responding to the call to serve God and to serve others in impactful ways.

Its first cohort, made up of a variety of SJD parishioners, spent eight months exploring discipleship, leadership, the integration of faith and work, and community engagement. Their reflections show the importance of living out our faith in all aspects of our lives.

Mónica Treviño
Cornerstone Fellowship has really impacted my life. It has been a catalyst. I really loved getting to know and grow with these other members of this congregation. The commitment to this program yields huge dividends. You will grow in fellowship, but will also get a different perspective on what it means to be a Christian in today’s world, to live your faith out in all aspects of your life.

Martim Gross
The idea of this is to learn how to be a disciple in your private life and then in your family and community and then expand that into the city. The program helped me bring God to the center of my life.

Becky Stehle
For me, the Cornerstone Fellowship program has given me the opportunity to think really deep into my faith in a way that I really have never had before along with people on a similar faith journey that I am. I felt like I could have honest conversations and ask questions about my faith with this special group of people. This course was a constant weekly reminder that God is a part of our everyday lives and that we are really on a mission to live out our faith in our daily lives.

Patricia Snyder
Cornerstone Fellowship was like a tune-up, a reflection of my spiritual life: my disciplines, what I could learn, what I could make better, what I could grow through. It was a meaningful program. I walked away with deeper friendships.

Philip Grove
The Cornerstone Fellowship has challenged me to think in new ways. I had always thought of work as being a separate thing from our lives at the church. One of the main things I’ve taken away from this is that the workplace is an opportunity to spread the Good News and to be a light, not just an opportunity to get work done.

Jimmy Vaeth
The Cornerstone Fellows program has opened my eyes about how faith can be integrated in every aspect of my life, especially my work. It really caused me to do a deep dive on personally how God is working in my life. It opened my eyes
to what was possible when I deepened my faith with God.

The next cohort of the Cornerstone Fellowship will begin this fall. To learn more, email Andy Breckwoldt, leadership coordinator, at, or visit the Cornerstone Fellowship page.

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