The Nau Matching Gift

Maximum impact to grow the kingdom

Your gift to the Nau Matching Fund provides maximum impact to grow the kingdom and change lives for God in Christ! For the five years from 2020 - 2024, parishioner John Nau has committed to an annual match, matching every $1 given to the fund (up to $200,000) with an additional $2. This $400,000 matching gift from Mr. Nau will provide $250,000 per year towards our “Front Door” and $150,000 per year to support our GO Ministry. See below for more details about these initiatives.

The $200,000+ in gifts to this fund, above and beyond our regular pledges and gifts to the general fund, will enable us to address core needs outside our existing annual budget. Some of these needs include, but are not limited to, building more relationships with students and their parents, encouraging new families to worship and serve in the name of Christ, and addressing any strategic needs identified by the vestry and rector.

We thank you for your gift and hope you will consider a recurring gift that enables you to "set it and forget it", like many of your bills and subscription services.


If you prefer to make a one-time gift, that is easy, too. Make a one-time gift here, or mail a check to:

St. John the Divine
2450 River Oaks Blvd.
Houston, TX 77019 Attn: Generosity

Indicate Nau Matching Gift in the memo line.

The Front Door

Both the physical "front door" of our campus and the virtual "front door" are means by which we invite and welcome people into our church and along a path of discipleship. The impact of this gift in improvements to our "front door" will hopefully include:

  • redesign of our website to better serve newcomers and members alike;
  • expansion of our communications team to improve our ability to reach a broader audience in a direct and targeted manner;
  • investment in programs focused on bringing people into connection with St. John the Divine, and into our community of believers;
  • collection and study of information to achieve a better understanding of our congregation, which will be used to assist the ministries of the church to better serve our congregation and community; and
  • pursuit of possible improvements and additions to our physical facilities to promote these growth goals.

The GO Ministry

Our GO Ministry is the outreach arm of our church, which serves to fulfill Christ’s commandment to "make disciples of all nations," by taking the love of Christ into the world. Improvements to the GO Ministry made possible by the Nau Matching Fund will hopefully include:

  • expansion and improvement in advancing the great commission and the mission of St. John the Divine in a world that needs it now more than ever, and
  • resources to add dedicated staff to support the GO Ministry to facilitate our engagement with community partners, improve communications within the parish, and expand coordinated volunteer efforts.

Contact Terra Seidel or 713.354.2218

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