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Loving Lamar - Clear Backpacks Donation Drive

Loving Lamar is supporting the beginning of school and their 3,200 students with 200 clear backpacks for those that cannot afford them or need to have them replaced.

Donations – Due to on-going concerns about safety, HISD has moved to requiring students to use transparent backpacks.  All students are required to purchase these.  Unfortunately, they are not very strong and are prone to tears with more than a few books and notebooks.  Funds and/or transparent backpack donations are needed.  The cost of one XL transparent backpack is about $28.99 on Amazon.

If you would like to participate, you may of course have the backpack delivered to your home. If however it is more convenient, you can drop off the backpacks in Sumners Hall or have the backpack delivered to the following address at the school:

Lamar High School
3325 Westheimer Rd. 
Houston, TX 77098-1003
Tel. 713-522-5960
Attention: Raul Rivera, The Alamo Storage Closet

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