Collective Commitment: We All Have a Role


For many of us, our love for Episcopal traditions is never stronger than what we experienced during Holy Week. My cup runneth over!

Parishioner John Nau’s five-year matching gift challenge is a faithful example of how someone who first experienced God’s lavish love for himself is encouraging others to make St. John the Divine a priority in their lives.

In 2020, John established a five-year match challenge to address parish needs for our “front door” and outreach to the city. Each year, parishioners have been challenged to match John’s gift of $200,000 over and above their pledge. Because he has experienced it himself, John knows the importance of St. John the Divine inviting and welcoming people into our church and along a path of discipleship, taking the love of Christ into the world.

60% of practicing Christians feel that true generosity is a response to Christ’s love. The Nau match goes to the tangible things we can see and touch, but the real impact of it is our collective commitment to work together and Change Lives for God in Christ.

Take part in this year’s Nau 2:1 match by making your gift here. Thank you for your over-and-above generosity!

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