Let Your Giving Grow With You

by Dawayne Gaspard

When we had kids, my wife, Abbey, and I started going back to church like a lot of people do. I found that I was at a point in my faith journey where I wanted to give. I wanted to figure out how to give to St. John the Divine because it had become our family. Luckily, I came in contact with one of our clergy, and they said, “Look, just pledge what you can. Like $25, $50. And as you grow, let it grow with you.”

So for us, we started small, and we’ve been growing our giving every year. It’s been a thing that has really allowed us to buy in and do our part here. It’s also really helped me in my faith journey. And I think if you are feeling called to begin giving to St. John the Divine, it would strengthen not only our church, but strengthen you and your personal journey with God.

Each fall, our church focuses part of its time on Stewardship. We ask every parishioner to make a pledge - an estimate of your giving to St. John the Divine in the coming year. You can make your pledge now!

My pledge for 2024

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