Financial and Generosity Reports — March 2023

by Barbara Strobel

Financial Report

by Barbara Strobel, parishioner and treasurer of the church

The 2022 year-end results were outstanding!

Thanks be to God for the wonderful 2022 financial blessings –– we are both thrilled and grateful! And a big thanks to our generous parishioners! 2021 and 2022 blessings allowed us much-needed funds to plug some holes in our finances. We still have a lower maintenance reserve than we would like with the age of our facilities, and we hope to continue to add to that annually. Please keep in mind that after next year the Nau match will end, and we will need to replace the $600K of revenue it has so graciously provided. So everyone’s gifts, large and small, are needed!

As of December 31, 2022:

% of total revenue to budget 

  • YTD Revenue is 115% of the 2022 Revenue Budget
  • YTD Revenue $8,825,156; 2022 Budgeted Revenue: $7,659,369

% of total expenses to budget

  • YTD Expenses: 103% of the 2022 Expense Budget
  • YTD Expenses: $7,872,489; 2022 Budgeted Expenses: $7,655,973

Generosity Report

by Beth Bunk, parishioner and generosity committee chair

Our 2023 campaign resulted in 651 pledges totaling over $6.34 million. Though shy of our goal of 700 pledges, this total exceeded our monetary goal of $5.75 million as well as our total from last year of $5.52 million pledged. Thank you to our generous pledgers for fueling our mission as we continue to Change Lives for God in Christ.

Thank you for your generosity!

Louise Symmes small
Loiuse Symmes

At the conclusion of a successful 2023 Generosity Campaign, our tireless Director of Generosity Louise Symmes retired. Louise has worked diligently behind the scenes for five years educating, counseling, and mentoring the parishioners of St John the Divine about generosity and biblical giving. We wish her all the best as she enjoys retirement, volunteering, and continuing to be a valued member of St. John the Divine with her husband Will.

We are also excited to welcome Terra Seidel to our staff on March 22 as our new Director of Parish Giving. Terra and her husband were married in our chapel in the mid-90s and moved away from Houston shortly after. She also led our middle school ministries at about that time. Terra's historical connection to St. John the Divine, combined with her extensive fundraising background and strong faith, make her the perfect addition to our team.

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