Financial and Generosity Reports — November 2023

by Barbara Strobel

Financial Report

by Barbara Strobel, parishioner and treasurer of the church

Thanks be to God that we are in very good shape financially this year and are ahead of budget. We are grateful for both our generous parishioners and for our staff who continue to be excellent stewards of our resources. Everyone’s gifts, large and small, are still needed to end the year strong and move forward with all the Lord is calling us to do!

We are also excited to report that we have met this year’s Nau match. Thank you to all who gave above and beyond their pledge! Next year is the last year of the Nau match and we will need to replace the $600K of revenue it has so graciously provided. Our financial condition reflects the generous spirit of our church as we seek to expand the ways we are a Light for the City.

As of Sepetmber, 2023:

% of total revenue to budget 

  • YTD Revenue is 110% of the 2023 Revenue Budget
  • YTD Revenue $6,152,792; YTD 2023 Budgeted Revenue $5,599,280
  • Total 2023 Budgeted Revenue $8,608,275

% of total expenses to budget

  • YTD Expenses: 93.8% of the 2023 Expense Budget
  • YTD Expenses: $5,925,797; 2023 Budgeted Expenses $6,314,829;
  • Total 2023 Budgeted Expenses $8,607,090

2023 Blessings

  • YTD revenue over expense: $227,175
  • YTD 2023 Budgeted net loss is $(715,548)

Every gift large or small, matters! Thank you giving back to the Lord a portion of what he has given you.

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