Financial and Generosity Reports — September 2023

by Barbara Strobel

Financial Report

by Barbara Strobel, parishioner and treasurer of the church

We are doing well financially thus far in 2023 and are ahead of budget. Thanks be to God for both our generous parishioners and for our staff who continue to be excellent stewards of our resources. Still, everyone’s gifts, large and small, are needed to enter the fall strong! We also still need another $130,000 in extra gifts to meet the generous 5-year Nau match; please consider a gift above your pledge for this. Keep in mind that after next year the Nau match will end, and we will need to replace the $600K of revenue it has so graciously provided. We were blessed with several large donations at the beginning of the year. Thus we budgeted and have revenue over expenses through mid-year. However, we expect that to narrow as the year progresses and staff vacancies are filled, and it did narrow in June. Finally, we are pleased to report that we finally collected our employee retention credit refund, plus interest, from the IRS.

As of June 30, 2023:

% of total revenue to budget 

  • YTD Revenue is 109% of the 2023 Revenue Budget
  • YTD Revenue $4,734,930; 2023 Budgeted Revenue: $4,344,363
  • Total 2023 Budgeted Revenue $8,608,275

% of total expenses to budget

  • YTD Expenses: 93.1% of the 2023 Expense Budget
  • YTD Expenses: $3,927,598; 2023 Budgeted Expenses: $4,214,676
  • Total 2023 Budgeted Expenses $8,607,090

2023 Blessings

  • YTD revenue over expense: $807,332
  • YTD Budgeted net income: $129,687

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