RightCare for Seniors

Helping seniors and their adult children understand and navigate the risks of aging


St. John the Divine provides leading programming and resources to allow our seniors and their families to deal with the significant challenges that come with aging!


Do you have a senior loved one you are worried about? Has a family member been to the ER? Does a friend seem to have more difficulties coping with day-to-day challenges? We have practical solutions to help our seniors and their adult children understand and navigate the risks that aging issues present.

If you have concerns for a loved one in the areas of medical condition management safety, independence, caregiver burdens, quality of life, or aging in place and would like assistance, please reach out to Susan Davis. Our free RIGHTCARE program has received national recognition from the healthcare industry, fire departments/EMS services, and Christian faith communities for setting new standards of success for seniors.

We all deserve the RIGHTCARE.

A trained Senior Care Advocate (SCA) along with a Seniors Ministry representative at St. John’s will set up an appointment with you to come to your home. The volunteer SCA is often a health care practitioner with a background in physical therapy, home health care, home care, or geriatric care manager. They volunteer their time to provide this service for churches all over Houston at no fee.

This is a short list of what you can expect from your visit by one of our aging experts, the SCAs. They will visit you to assess, educate, and collaborate by making you aware of solutions that make a difference. They work closely with families, our SJD volunteers, and community resources. In addition to their own professional backgrounds with seniors, they have also gone through extensive, industry-leading training and certification to help our seniors and their families navigate (and avoid) many of the challenges that can come with aging.

Typically, a visit will consist of three parts:

  1. Your advocate will listen and ask questions to understand what your wishes and needs are and any challenges you feel like you have or may be facing in the future.
  2. They will enter RightCare information/metrics into a computer app that will generate timely information for you, which will quantify levels of risk in the areas you may be concerned about.
  3. They will help you better understand any possible areas of need or risk and COLLABORATE with you on solutions that can help. We will make sure you have support to follow up on any desired solutions you want to implement. Your advocate wants to make sure you are successful.

The visit typically lasts forty-five minutes. We will generate a report that shows areas of the risks and what steps can be taken to improve or eliminate them. The SCAs for our church are very knowledgeable and train people in Houston and around the country in quantifiable senior risk factors. Just like you, their time is very valuable, so please do your best to be available and have anyone you need or want at the visit there.

St. John’s RightCare offers a unique and valuable experience that can truly help seniors navigate their aging challenges. We look forward to serving and blessing our parishioners and their families with this service.

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