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from Andrea Meier

Meet Bishop Josiah Fearon

by Andrea Meier on

The Most Rev. Josiah Idowu-Fearon will join us on staff as Bishop-in-Residence for Evangelism, Mission, and Global Partnerships.

Just One Caring Adult

by Andrea Meier on

Lori Gobillot, leader of the Community Engagement Project’s Housing Team, shares the focus and work of her team, and how you can look forward to being involved.

Music for All Generations

by Andrea Meier on

Steve Newberry and Anna Teagarden from the music and worship department discuss their vision for intergenerational music at St. John the Divine.

Growing Up SJD

by Andrea Meier on

Trey Al-Uqdah, a graduating high school parishioner at St. John the Divine, discusses SJD memories.

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