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Weekday Prayer Services

Daily Offices and Healing Prayer

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Morning Prayer: Weekdays at 7 am in the Chapel
In many times and places, daybreak has been a time of prayer. Jews prayed in their synagogues at sunrise as well as at other times each day. Following this ancient tradition, Morning Prayer is designated as a daily service, or 'office', for the worship of the church. We invite you to begin your morning in worship with Psalms, prayers, and readings to greet the day.

Evening Prayer: Weekdays at 5 pm in the Chapel
At the close of the day, Evening Prayer is the counterpoint to Morning prayer. This service is traditionally offered as dusk begins to fall. Worshippers give thanks for the day just past and make an evening sacrifice of praise to God. We invite you to close your day with this ancient liturgy of prayers and the Word.

Healing Eucharist: Wednesdays at 10 am in the Chapel
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Healing & Intercessory Prayer: Wednesdays at 6 pm in Sid Smith Chapel
If you are in need of God’s gift of healing, we invited you to a weekly time of healing prayer. Trained prayer ministers are present to pray for the release and manifestation of healing in body, mind, and spirit for those who attend.

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